Mamba v1.0 Release!

Today I’ve release Mamba v1.0 into the wild! Here are some of the changes made to the code:

  • Mamba has been re-written to consolidate files & directories.
    • Functions have been moved to their respected .py files
      • i.e The window-widgets directory has be integrated into the file. One file to create the Gtk.Window & all of its Gtk.Widgets.
  • Generic Gtk.Window()’s created to satisfy the “set_transient_for()” warning. I know this isn’t the correct way. If you know the correct way, or a better workaround please let me know in the comments, via email, or on gitlab.
  • “set_modal(True)”  has been implemented to stop interaction with main window if Gtk.AboutDialog is showing.
  • Added .gitignore file. No need to upload personal files/directories to gitlab.
  • Added proper format spacing, PEP 8 spacing, and comments via docstrings.
  • Added website to Authors in Gtk.AboutDialog
  • Bumped version to 1.0

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