Michael K. Neumann

  • Programmer/Developer/Software Engineer
  • A novice entomologist
  • GNU/Linux user and advocate for open source software & technology.

“I created this website originally to act as my portfolio to share my projects, improve, and to gain experience within my related career field – Software Engineering . I am currently wrapping up my masters degree in Information Technology and I am branching out in order to build practical knowledge to complement my educational experience. In addition, the website serves as a personal platform to share my thoughts, ideas, and other interests.”

Programming Languages:

  • C, C++, & C#
  • Java & Android
  • Python
  • BASH

Academics include:

  • Associates of Arts
  • Bachelor of Science – Information Technology
    • Certification: Advanced Software Engineering
  • Master of Science – Information Technology
    • Certification: Information Systems Management